Conditionally Acyclic CO-Networks for Efficient Preferential Optimization


This paper focuses on graphical models for modelling preferences in combinatorial space and their use for item optimisation. The preferential optimisation task seeks to find the preferred item containing some defined values, which is useful for many recommendation settings in e-commerce. We show that efficient (i.e., with polynomial time complexity) preferential optimisation is achieved with a subset of cyclic CP-nets called conditional acyclic CP-net. We also introduce a new graphical preference model, called Conditional-Optimality networks (CO-networks), that are more concise than conditional acyclic CP-nets and LP-trees but have the same expressiveness with respect to optimisation. Finally, we empirically show that preferential optimisation can be used for encoding alternatives into partial instantiations and vice versa, paving the way towards CO-nets and CP-nets unsupervised learning with the minimal description length (MDL) principle. Poster